Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More cricket

Production editor Matt Merritt writes:
Saturday's cricket was surprisingly productive in terms of birdwatching, even if we did capitulate in a manner reminiscent of the current West Indies side.
We were at a ground in Wilford, Nottingham, close to the river, and with allotments, a disused railway line and wasteground nearby. While we were fielding, the highlights were a fine pair of Mistle Thrushes who repeatedly perched on an old roller down at third man, and a Whitethroat singing from the low hedge on the shortest boundary. Plenty of Swallows, too, putting to rest my fears of last week.
Then, while standing at the non-striker's end, bat in hand, what should fly directly overhead but a Common Tern, complete with fish in bill. And just to prove that was no fluke, it made several return trips. I'd guess it might be nesting at Attenborough, but had discovered a rich source of food nearer to Trent Bridge.
What was good about all these birds was that, of the grounds we've played at so far this year, it looked the least promising, in terms of being surrounded by a heavily built-up area. It just goes to show that great birding isn't always about beauty spots and nature reserves. In July's Bird Watching, we'll be looking in-depth at the less obvious birding sites - don't miss it.

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