Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend activity

Assistant editor Mike Weedon writes:
I spent most of Saturday grilling the area west of Peterborough for Ring Ouzels, as there has been a major spread of them around the east in the last week (with two in the Peterborough area). I wandered far and wide west of the A1, covering masses of the Sulehay area and down to Morborne Hill. Boy did I see some fine habitat, and I couldn't stop thinking about the glory of picking up a Hoopoe pecking around in the short grass. But the best I could come up with was an early Lesser Whitethroat (Morborne) one or two Common Lizards (Old Sulehay) and a Field Vole (also OS).

Brown Hare (digiscope)

Male Yellow Wagtail (digiscope)

In the evening I went to Maxey and had my first Yellow Wagtail, Wheatear and Common Sandpiper of the year. The next day, I visited again, and watched a Brown Hare and got bitten by a dog, but that's another story...

Adult summer Little Gull (digiscope)

In the afternoon I twitched up to Baston and Langtoft and relocated an adult Little Gull with minimal effort (these are pretty scarce passage birds around Peterborough).
It was all pretty satisfactory, until I came to work today (16.4.07) and heard that a Hoopoe had been found a few miles away from my searching area, yesterday.

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