Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 2008

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Our August 2008 issue is packed with great photos, news, advice and inspiration to help you get more from your birding this month:

FREE Birdfair '08 Showguide Pull-out guide to all you need to get the best from the British Birdwatching Fair at Rutland.

WIN Steiner binoculars Enter our competition for a chance to win some £1,000 binoculars.

Ospreys Latest news from the successful reintroduction of the magnificent Fish Hawk.

England, Scotland and Whales The best sites to watch seabirds, whales and dolphins in the UK.

ID Insights Pic out a Hippo – how to find and identify a Melodious or Icterine Warbler.

Hope for Malta? Adrian Thomas spent a month challenging illegal hunting in Malta and saw a chink of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Go Birding Special: Dragonflies and Birds 10 walks with great dragonflies and brilliant birds.

Showcase Top photographers form the overall winner of our top photographic competition IWP2007..

Secret lives: Lapwing: our strangest, most attractive wader.

Plus Plus PLUSUKBS unique site-by-site guide to all the best birds of June 2008; page after page of ideas for August birding, and so much more!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birds on TV

Naughty bird blogger Andy McKay, aka the Leicester Llama has come up with a few TV programmes with a bird twist. Check his list at this link, but don't click it if you are offended by rude words...

We took a bit of inspiration in the BW office this press day, and came up with the following TV shows for starters:

Hatch of the Jay

Little Bittern

Never Mind the Woodcocks/Buzzards

Hobby City

Songs Ospreys

Desperate House Martins

Filthy Ostrich and Catflap

Steptoe and Sunbird

Ready Steady Rook

Eggs Factor

The Bill

Stork and Mindy

Wren and Stimpy

Opportunity Dunnocks


Cormorantation Street

Top of the Epops (featuring Yellowlegs and co)

John Raven’s Newsround

Have I got Smews for you

Doctor Hoopoe (Plus the spin-off Torchwoodpecker)

They think its all plover

Tonight with Jonathan Ross’s Gull

Mock the Beak

Top Gyr

Going for Goldfinch

Some Plovers do ‘ave em

Noel’s Grouse Party

Blue Tit Peter

Willow Tit the Wisp

Jack Snipe anory

Home and a jay

He Manx Shearwater and the Masters of the Universe

Robin’s Nest

Kitchen Nightjars

South Lark

I’m Alan Partridge

Golden Gulls

Rhubarb and Bustard

Hill Street Blue Tits

The Rail Family

Birds of a feather

Open All Owls

To the Mallard Born

Puffin the Mule


Quail of the Century

Home to Roost

The Goldeneye Shot

Call my Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Doves

The Starling buds of May


The Price is Kite (with Leslie Crowther)

Last of the Summer Wryneck

Inspector Moorhens

Dixon of Duck Green

Goose Women

Curlew've Been Framed

Birding with Bill Oddie

Monday, August 11, 2008

A new twist...

...on an old favourite!